Lotte Schriek is a self taught, freelance fashion photographer based in the Netherlands. She loves exploring with lights & shadows, angles, motion and colorschemes. Her work is described as feminine, powerful, warm and natural.

At the age of 18 she decided she wanted to become a fashion photographer. She has been in a constant learning process ever since. She worked on her photography in the weekend while studying Engineering Product design during the week.

The social aspect and the ability to create new work with others is what makes her so excited and passionate about fashion photography. To find out about her rates and availability please email to: info@lotteschriek.nl


 Bronx shoes / Orangebags /  Another Label / Lingadore / IMM London / Flawed / Elite Models Amsterdam /  Maxmodels / Kumesu /  Bydaisies/ Weblessed / Moonstories jewelry/  La luna Amsterdam  / Byjeems

and more…



&C / Schön / Lofficiel Lithuana / Lofficiel Australia / Lofficiel Baltics / Vogue Italia / Sicky / Cake mag / PAP / YOKO / Nasty magazine/ Contributor magazine/ Lucy’s / ONE / 

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Bombarie / Amsterdam / 2020